Upgraded Scrum Guide — Finally, about time.

Srikanth Ramanujam
3 min readMar 31, 2016


Jeff and Ken decided it was about time to start being a little prescriptive. In a joint announcement today, 1st April 2016, they launched the revised Scrum Guide with some major overdue changes.

While announcing the new version of the Scrum Guide Jeff said “Scrum has been around for more than 20 years. But while we observe what goes on in the industry, it is heavily misused and misinterpreted in more than 99% of its implementation and usage. Study after study after study tells us that though a lot of companies use Scrum, they are just mechanically Agile. The general masses don’t understand that Agile and Scrum is a philosophy that needs to be understood to implement right”

Ken chimed in, “Both Jeff and I believe that a key root cause to the practice of Scrum failing, is insufficient collaboration between Scrum team members and the way they swarm stories to completion. We have therefore added two more ceremonies to the Scrum Guide, which are both prescriptive in some way to help assist with the communication behaviors in teams. With practice of these two ceremonies every day, over a period of time, teams will have increased internal and external communication. The needs for the ceremonies go away over a period of time, as the teams have now learnt on how to collaborate and this has become the standard sustained behavior for the masses”

Here is the summary of key changes that are now available on the Scrum Guide.

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Disclaimers: Use Scrum at your own risk. No success is guaranteed. Often it may lead to failure. If you succeed, the success is all yours. No need to write checks to anyone to share your success with. And when you fail, you are the cause of that failure, not Scrum or Agile. You may use Scrum and/or Agile and your organization may still may not succeed, may get taken over, go bankrupt or out-of-business. There is a high likelihood of failure happening anyway, whether you use Scrum or Agile or Waterfall or not. Use of Waterfall may accelerate failure and make it more faster. Use the methods stated above in the article based on your own evaluation of its value. If there is merit and you use it, please click Like on this blog or follow me on LinkedIn. There is no affiliation with Ken and Jeff or to Scrum Guides, implied or otherwise. All copyrights are respected. This article is valid for potential use on 1st April 2016 and expires midnight 1st April 2016. Some call it Idiots day named after and celebrating idiots like me. Contents may not expire and could be used with no side effects, even after that date. Use at your own risk. These changes have been lab tested by dozens of Scrum teams over several years. The only known side effects of these changes include finished work, delivered value, higher quality, reduced stress, early completion of stories, happier Product Owner/Business and happier Scrum teams/Scrum Masters. No animals or babies or children or Scrum teams were harmed in making of these ideas. Do not print the Scrum Guide, use them electronically, save some paper and the planet. Better still, keep it all in your head all the time, so that you can save some utility and network capacity every time you open it on your computer, tablet or phone (that assumes that you actually use the Scrum Guide). Remember, Agile is not fast or quick, the dictionary definition of Agile. Agile may be sometimes slow or slower. Beware, Agile may deliver better quality. Better still, use of Agile methods may increase the chances of your organization actually surviving. All photos used are credited to wherever originally posted and a big thanks to them.

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Originally published at thejourneyofanagileidiot.com on March 31, 2016.